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Transforming the future into reality

A self-driving future will radically transform our way of life, bringing numerous positive changes to our transportation networks and global resources, not to mention personal services. This is why Mitsubishi Electric is using our large, leading-edge technology portfolio and deep engineering expertise to bring ADAS technology to life and autonomous driving closer to reality.

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Autonomous Driving

An autonomous car requires hundreds of sophisticated technologies working together. To help make this a reality, we create the necessary components for the car to sense its surroundings such as Millimeter-Wave radars, and High-Definition location modules. We fuse this real-time sensor data to feed our AI-based algorithms that recognize objects, evaluate conditions, and provide judgements. This allows our self-driving systems to operate in fully autonomous driving scenarios as well as in more restricted applications like parallel parking, highway merge assist, or remote self-valet.

Active Safety

ADAS technology is proven to prevent accidents and is a table-stake for all but the most entry-level vehicles. That’s why we provide a wide array of active safety technologies at price points for every trim level. Using radar, sonar, or cameras, we recognize objects around the vehicle to provide clear indications in active braking and lane keeping assist applications. In-vehicle, we use full-cabin monitoring cameras to detect driver drowsiness and passenger presence. We also combine all this with sensor fusion through our ADAS ECU to provide signals for brake- and drive-by-wire systems.

Autonomous Infrastructure

Self-driving cars need better maps and smarter roads. As a pioneer in location technology and the contractor for the Japanese government’s precise positioning satellites, we’ve developed many patents around high-definition location determination. Our positioning modules supply centimeter-accurate locations that are precise enough for definitive lane determination and for generating new autonomous-enabled maps. We bring our technology and know-how to bear on problems across the transportation space, including within collaborative partnerships with HERE, Bosch, and other geo-technology providers. Whether we’re working with global automakers, distribution centers, port authorities, or road-side infrastructure companies, we’re there to help make the most of autonomous investments.

Autonomous Testing

It’s a mistake to think that all autonomous systems will work identically across the globe. There’s a good deal of international variation in roadways, rules, and signage. What’s more, rural or local conditions (dust, dirt, snow, heat, cold, lack of road markings) may put additional demands on a self-driving system. That’s why we test our systems under all types of extreme conditions to ensure our autonomous systems are worthy of our brand’s reputation for the utmost in reliability.

HD Location

flexconnect.maas hd nav

Centimeter-level accuracy is essential for next-generation navigation use cases and autonomous driving, which is exactly what automakers get with our HD location technology. 

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