Auto-infotainment Security Development Framework (ASDF) for Smart Cars

Auto-infotainment Security Development Framework (ASDF) for Smart Cars

Systematically addressing security issues in infotainment development

A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

Mitsubishi Electric not only implements cybersecurity best practices but also conducts research that advances the field. The goal of our collaboration with the University of Arizona was to develop a framework for creating infotainment software that was innately cybersecure – as opposed to the industry’s common practice of considering security vulnerabilities as an afterthought.

Applying both real-life practical experience and the latest academic theory, the researchers developed a cybersecure design for the primary layers of an infotainment system. By exploring the attack surface of each layer, identifying the impact of exploits, and outlining any potential mitigation strategies, we constructed a strategy that could identify and mitigate cyberattacks. A key part of this framework used analysis methods that could detect atypical usage patterns in network protocols

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