As an automaker you get it. In fact, you’ve gotten it for a while. You not only understand the need for dramatic change, you’re looking for ways to help transition your company from car builder to mobility provider. At Mitsubishi Electric we understand this need for change isn’t just about new technology; it’s about:

  • Making an emotional bond between your customer and their car
  • Creating personalized offerings that reimagine the driving experience
  • Fostering customer loyalty through a delightful user experience

Brilliant technology. Innovative thinking. Detailed execution.

With an innovation culture and operational excellence that extends far beyond automotive, Mitsubishi Electric can help you realize your mobility ambitions. We invite you to visit us at TU Detroit this June to how we can help you incorporate some of the latest mobility trends into your next designs:

Virtual Assistant Router

Virtual Assistant Router

Today's connected family can have quite a number of voice-powered virtual assistants – in their cars, phones, home devices, and even watches. Our virtual assistant router directs requests to the best assistant to handle each job. We won't let technology get in the way of getting things done.
Custom Vehicle Voice

Custom Vehicle Voice

If your car could talk, what voice would you want it to have? Your favorite celebrity? How about your fiancee? With our tech, drivers can adapt their car's TTS voice prompts to deliver navigation and helpful hints with the voice of their choice.
Social Surface Display

Social Surface Display

Think rear-seat entertainment has nothing new? What about a massive interactive surface display for keeping kids engaged, sharing content between friends, or collaboratively planning a trip? For the first time in history, people may actually prefer to ride in the back seat.
Vehicle Platooning

C-V2X Vehicle Platooning

Looking for an autonomous feature to keep your cars unique? Give your customers the option of creating an autonomous platoon and using C-V2X to chat and share music between cars – perfect for trips to a sports game, concert, or cross-town jaunt.

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