Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Research & Development

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s research and development facilities, located in Northville, MI, give Mitsubishi Electric the ability to test products at the component level, system level and vehicle level, all within close proximity to North American customers. With a wide range of equipment available, engineers can analyze and benchmark products, ensuring Mitsubishi Electric provides quality and innovative components.

All-weather testing is conducted at the R&D facility
Cranking systems test equipment

"Creating innovative products for the modern era of motorization."

  • Component Level

    Mitsubishi Electric's R&D Center provides component testing and analysis to ensure compliance to internal and customer specifications. This includes testing equipment for starters, alternators and EGR valves.
  • System Level

    Mitsubishi Electric's R&D cranking systems test facility has the capability to test every type of starter Mitsubishi Electric offers, including automotive, medium duty, heavy duty and start-stop. The ten state-of-the-art test cells offer 24/7 functionality with fully programmable automated PLC engine and starter control. Each cell is equipped with its own gasoline and diesel fuel supply and a 100% duty, 3 phase starter cooling fan for endurance and durability testing.
  • Vehicle Level

    Mitsubishi Electric's R&D All-weather Chassis Dynamometer enables entire vehicle testing for environmental factors and emissions. The dynamometer features a two wheel drive roller that allows for testing at speeds from 0 to 250km/h. The chamber facilitates environmental testing with temperature controls from -40 to 50 C and wind speeds up to 100 km/h.