A myriad of technological advancements have improved vehicle safety over the last several decades but there is always more that can be done. At Mitsubishi Electric, we take safety seriously, creating a wide variety of components to keep people protected and comply with safety standards like ISO 26262.


Airbag control

Air bags are one of the most fundamental components that reduce injuries during an accident. Mitsubishi Electric provides exceptionally reliable airbag control modules that are flexible enough to handle up to 15 airbags or pre-tensioners, communicate with multiple impact sensors, and readily integrate with door unlock and eCall systems for maximum emergency preparedness.


Dedicated short-range communications (DSRC)

While passive safety is always necessary, connectivity is essential to reaching the next of automotive transportation safety. Mitsubishi Electric offers DSRC technology that complements other vehicle sensor technologies while providing a higher level of predictability for enhanced safety and autonomous driving. Our DSRC solutions can handle both V2X safety and toll services, communicate wide-area road traffic information, and support merging traffic coordination, with modules and antennas for both in-vehicle and roadside use.

    Bumper sensor

    Bumper sensors

    Cars are most likely to suffer from low-impact but highly expensive damage in parking lots and bumper sensors are an easy way to avoid fender benders before they happen. Mitsubishi Electric provides easy-to-integrate, low cost sensors for ultrasonic object detection and proximity warnings, with modules that can control both front and back bumpers.