Realize Your Mobility Ambitions

Now more than ever, automakers understand the need for dramatic change and are looking for ways to transition from being car builders to mobility providers. At Mitsubishi Electric we understand this need for change isn’t just about new technology; it’s about:

  • Creating delightful user experiences that foster customer loyalty and improve your brand
  • Making an emotional bond between your customer and their car
  • Creating personalized offerings that reimagine the driving experience

As a dependable and innovative supplier, we can help you turn your mobility ambitions into reality. If you're planning to go to CES 2019, book some time with us to see what we have in the works.

DMS face identification

Infotainment + Driver Monitoring Fusion

If your driver monitoring system is only used for safety applications, you’re missing out. We're using facial recognition to build a relationship between customers and cars with personalizing features like door unlock, vehicle start, and garage access.
Virtual Assistant Router

Virtual Assistant Router

Today's connected family can have quite a number of voice-powered virtual assistants – in their cars, phones, home devices, and even watches. Our virtual assistant director routes requests to the best assistant to handle each job. We won't let technology get in the way of getting things done.
Social Surface Display

Social Surface Display

Think rear-seat entertainment has nothing new? What about a massive interactive surface display for keeping kids engaged, sharing content between friends, collaboratively planning a trip, or interacting with brought-in devices? For the first time in history, people may actually prefer to ride in the back seat.
Vehicle Platooning

C-V2X Vehicle Platooning

Looking for an autonomous feature to keep your cars unique? Give your customers the option of creating an autonomous platoon and using C-V2X to chat and share music between cars – perfect for trips to a sports game, concert, or cross-town jaunt.

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We anticipate appointments to fill up well in advance of the show. If you’d like to see these innovations and others, please contact us soon to book a time.