Make the move to mobility

How we move people around is changing dramatically and quickly – and it’s significantly affecting how we design and build cars. But it’s not just cars that are impacted. The new mobility is a lifestyle movement that touches every part of a person’s life. As an automaker, you’ve got the production, the workforce, the channels, and the means to set the pace of the emerging mobility ecosystem. But you can’t bet on every horse.

With an innovation culture and operational excellence that extends far beyond automotive, Mitsubishi Electric is uniquely poised to help you chart this future. Visit us during CES 2018 to see what your next mobility solutions could be:

  • Urban drones. We’ve taken last year’s drone innovation to the next level. This year, our remote eyes are flying over the city to scout out the best routes, find parking, and even run errands.
  • Predictive HMIs. What if cars knew their drivers so well (and of course were connected to their mobiles, cloud, and home), they could predict their needs and help fulfill them? It would be like having a world full of personal assistants … except with 24/7 availability (and made out of metal).
  • Hybrid haptics. Less than 5% of users change their default program settings. So why not use physical controls that combine context-sensitivity with rich graphics and haptic feedback for rapid, personalized interactions?
  • Mobile payment integration. Consumers can soon leave their wallets in their pockets and smartwatches on their dressers with cars that can order, pay, and take people to their merchandise – and their macchiatos.
  • High-precision ADAS. How about a location-positioning system so precise cars can drive themselves around without cameras or LIDAR? A constellation of Mitsubishi Electric positioning satellites is making it possible.
  • Driver monitoring. Everyone wants increased safety and personalization at the lowest possible cost. Our in-vehicle monitoring system can do just that with a single wide-angle camera to detect both driver and front passenger simultaneously.
  • Roadway illumination. Imagine a new signalling system of road-surface projections and car-body displays that alerts pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles when the car is about to back up or a door is about to open? The possibilities for autonomous are endless.

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This is just the start. We’ve got lots more in the works and anticipate appointments to fill up quickly. If you’d like to see any of these innovations, please contact us soon to book a time.